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Since all pick-ups are FREE & we are a non-profit, any cash donations are greatly appreciated!

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There is a $20 fee per flat screen TV for residential pick-ups.

**Unfortunately, due to EPA regulations we cannot accept the following items**

Anything containing Freon (refrigerators) Anything containing Mercury (Thermostats) or Anything containing Lead (CRT TVs & Monitors)


How you can help

Using the form above, you can donate your unwanted or broken electronics and have them picked up right from your door at any time of your choosing. No hassle, no charge. Or contact us for more information.

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Every item donated helps us to eliminate some of the 20-50 Million Tons of electronic waste that ends up in landfills annually.

Your donations directly help those in need gain access to technology and invest in their future.

We guarantee your data will be kept secure and wiped entirely from any electronics donated.

There is never any cost or hassle for recycling any of your electronic equipment.